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The Basic Details:

  • You choose a package, then we schedule your set times. The more you train, the faster the results.



  • We will start with a an ONBOARD session. This is session #1 of  your package. In this session you will be educated, informed, prepared for your training and undoubtedly…excited!



  • Your package choice is prepaid and your sessions are checked off as you go. This is not a fast fix, it’s a lifestyle change. We need time together and most often, we’re connected for a while.



  • I’m sweet…but I’m professional. 24-hour cancellation policy will be enforced. I do understand emergencies and you will not be charged if one arises, or if you are too ill to workout. I will, however, expect that this investment means you’ll make these sessions a priority.



  • Should you have another commitment on a certain day or time, I’m flexible with finding an alternate time. I just need ample notice and ask that your interest is to reschedule as opposed to cancel the session.



  • There is no “expiration date” on the sessions, but booking times with me, means we both take this very seriously. Your times are a commitment, a promise to follow through for YOU and a business agreement with LB.

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