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A message from your trainer, Lori. 

I’m super glad you decided to visit this page. There is a lot that goes into not only taking that first step into inquiring about help and guidance but merely acknowledging that you are ready for YOU to be a better version of yourself is really great stuff. I simply love what I do. I pride myself on being a coach, a trainer and a positive role model for women who are ready to dig deeper into becoming their best self. You have to be honest. You have to be eager. You have to be ready to “lean in” to this process. You have to have “skin in the game” and in turn, I will watch over you with both kindness and firmness as we begin this journey of empowerment.  Sessions are 30minutes. A full body workout that is modified for your personal needs. I will push you and you will find yourself accomplishing things you never thought you could. It’s exciting, so buckle up for the transformation ride of your life.



or be still.

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